PCI Express Series
JET-1101 PCI –E Bus Isolation Extenders
Straight PCI-E to Mini PCI Express Hot Swap Adaptor

Testing Solution A

Straight PCI-E to Mini PCI Express Hot Swap Adaptor

JET-1101 PCIE- MINI PCIE Card Hot Swap Adaptor provides the transformation of PCI-E x 1 interface into Mini PCI-E card interface. It also can manage the control signal and power isolation. With JET-5303A or JET-5303B PCI Express X1 extender cable, the test main board could be separated from the card testing chamber and the noise signal could be fully screened out. The operator also could switch the testing card without turning the main board computer off. This could save the time for turning computer off to reboot and reload the operation system. Once this is applied to manufacturing or repairing stations, the efficiency could be improved much. JET-5322A/JET-5337 MINI PCIE Card & JET-5321 MINI PCIE Card-Express Card could be used on PC to test Mini-PCI-E / Express card interface easily. The testing system could be used for both interface without change any hardware configuration to reduce testing cost and overall efficiency.